For the research to create this website, I use the following sources:


All newspaper articles come from Anno - AustriaN Newspapers Online , the online database of the Austrian National Library.


Google Books : address books, trademark registers, various reports, books on patent rights, trade regulations, factory rights, general tools, tool collections, etc.


Wien Geschichte Wiki , a service of the City of Vienna: General information about the history of the City of Vienna


Own collection:

Catalogs Weiss & Sohn:

  • Atlas of Austrian tools for woodworkers 1861 (pdf)

  • Preiscourant 1897 (original)

  • 1909 catalog (reprint)

  • Sample book 1917 (original)

  • Catalog 1925 (pdf)

  • Sample book 1928 (original)

  • Catalog No. 33, ca 1930 (original)

  • Catalog No. 34 (original)

  • approx. 250 original documents from the estate of Weiss & Sohn

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