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Links about wood and tools - Holzbearbeitung mit Handwerkzeugen

Wolfgang Jordan's website is the best source of information for German manufacturers of hand tools for woodworking in German-speaking countries.

Holzmuseum St. Ruprecht ob Murau

Since 1988, the Wood Museum in St. Ruprecht ob Murau has been one of the centres of Holzwelt Murau. It offers comprehensive information on the subject of "wood". Starting with the raw material itself and the forest ecosystem as the basis of an entire branch of the economy, through the historical development of logging and woodworking to contemporary timber construction and furniture design, the entire spectrum is thematised and shown. Highly recommended!

1. Kärntner Handwerksmuseum

Das 1. Kärntner Handwerksmuseum befindet sich im Schloss Ortenburg "Paternschloß" Unterhaus in der Gemeinde Baldramsdorf bei Spittal a. d. Drau.
Die Sammlung des Museums widmet sich der Geschichte und Präsentation alter Handwerke und Gewerbe.

Tischlerarbeiten, Handwerk, Restaurierungen, Antiquitäten


Lothar Jansen-Greef is a carpentry restorer and master carpenter from Bad Arolsen-Bühle and has been restoring furniture for 40 years. His concern is to present old techniques and tools, especially those of the carpentry trade, but also other trades, in a way that everyone can understand and imitate.

HobeL - Holzbearbeitung aus Leidenschaft


Christian talks about his passion for working with wood on his video blog and shares his experiences. Highly recommended!!


A great blog by Andreas Kalt, teacher from Baden-Württemberg with great passion for woodworking.

Very nice DIY projects by picture and (Youtube)video. Most Videos on Youtube are in english!

Kunsttischlerei Göllner

Franz Göllner is not only a traditional cabinet maker, he also has a beautiful private collection of historical planes and tools. Some of them can be seen on his website.

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