Links about wood and tools - Holzbearbeitung mit Handwerkzeugen

Wolfgang Jordan's website is the best source of information for German manufacturers of hand tools for woodworking in German-speaking countries.

Kunsttischlerei Göllner

Franz Göllner is not only a traditional cabinet maker, he also has a beautiful private collection of historical planes and tools. Some of them can be seen on his website.


A great blog by Andreas Kalt, teacher from Baden-Württemberg with great passion for woodworking.

Very nice DIY projects by picture and (Youtube)video. Most Videos on Youtube are in english!

HobeL - Holzbearbeitung aus Leidenschaft


Christian talks about his passion for working with wood on his video blog and shares his experiences. Highly recommended!!

Tischlerarbeiten, Handwerk, Restaurierungen, Antiquitäten


Lothar Jansen-Greef is a carpentry restorer and master carpenter from Bad Arolsen-Bühle and has been restoring furniture for 40 years. His concern is to present old techniques and tools, especially those of the carpentry trade, but also other trades, in a way that everyone can understand and imitate.