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Molding plane, Ottokar Skrivan

Ottokar Skrivan produced these patented molding planes from 1882 on after a patent on special plane irons by Carl Pieper & Grössler (Dresden) from 1877. Similar planes were also built by the Crotogino brothers in Silesia (now Poland). Due to the unique design of these plane irons, sharpening by means of files as with conventional profiled irons was no longer necessary, they could be sharpened like normal plane irons on a flat grinding stone. The profile of the iron remains unchanged in this way, which is almost impossible to achieve on conventional profiled irons.

The production of this plane must have been quite complex, since in addition to the sole also the bedding of the iron had to be profiled and corresponding to the iron shape it must also be curved. Surprisingly, however, they did not cost more than conventional molding planes in bench plane form (with a nose and the escapement at the top).

In the price-courant from the year 1906, Skrivan refers to this plane as "Molding plane, system Ottokar Skrivan". It is probable that Carl Pieper & Grössler's patent had already expired at that time.

Skrivan Anzeige Patenthobel November 1882
Skrivan Anzeige Patenthobel März 1882
Skrivan Patentkehlhobel Preiscourant 1906
Skrivan Patentkehlhobel Preiscourant 1906

This patented molding plane by Ottokar Skrivan bears not only the Skrivan trademark but also a patent stamp by Carl Pieper & Grössler, as well as the iron, which was most likely produced by Pieper & Grössler in the first place.

Unfortunately, the right side of the plane was cut and re-glued lengthwise, causing the wedge stop to be completely removed on this side, making the plane quite unusable. Why this modification was carried out is an absolute mystery to me.

The two numbers "2601" and "506", which were printed on the plane, I have not yet been able to reconcile with any indication in the price lists available to me.

Length: 267 mm, Width: 55 mm, Height: 78 mm, Iron Width: 35 mm, Iron: Carl Pieper & Grössler (Dresden)

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