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5 Jointer, single iron
Weiss & Sohn, Fabrikzeichen
Weiss & Sohn, Fabrikszeichen

The jointer (German: “Rauhbank”) is one of the most important planes for the woodworker. Accordingly, Weiss & Sohn has manufactured this tool from the very beginning. For the single iron jointer (German: “Schlichtrauhbank”) the same applies as for the much shorter roughing plane (German: “Schlichthobel”), also with this plane the double iron was used very quickly. Unlike the roughing plane, however, the single iron jointer, which has been used for centuries, was completely replaced by the double iron jointer. Today, the term "Rauhbank" means only the plane with double iron, the “Schlichtrauhbank” disappeared both from the workshop and from the language of the woodworkers. This replacement may have taken place quite quickly, but the single iron jointer remained in the range until the First World War (as with most German manufacturers, by the way).

You can find everything else about the use and model development of this plane in the article about the double iron jointer.

05 Schlichtrauhbank 1870
05 Schlichtrauhbank 1917
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