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Michael Feugel

The name Feugl (or Feugel) appears three times quite prominently at the beginning of the industrial manufacture of woodworking tools. For the first time in 1823: The master metal worker Ferdinand Feugel from Vienna received together with Franz Gruber and the clock spring manufacturer Andreas Müller a privilege on the "plating of iron with cast steel".

In 1824 Michael Feugel, metal worker in Vienna No. 63, also received a similar privilege. When the patent expired in 1826, the address was Stein in Lower Austria.

In 1826 an advertisement appeared in the Wiener Zeitung , with which a "Joh. Michael Feugl, privileged cast steel cutting tools manufacturer in Senftenberg near Krems" announced that he had opened a branch at Johann Weiss in Vienna.

A second privilege for Michael Feugel dates from September 4, 1833, expired in 1836. In the description of the expired privilege, Michael Feugel is referred to as master metal worker and tenant of a hammer mill in Neustift near Scheibbs.

In 1837 there was an obituary for the locksmith Michael Feugl from Rodaun, Vienna. It is not possible to prove whether this is the same person.


The source situation is not sufficient to say whether the two (or three) Feugels were related, it would not be surprising.

Feugl M Patent 1824.png
Feugl M Patent erloschen 1824.png
Feugl M Patent erloschen 1833.png
Feugl M Patent erloschen Buch 1833.png
Feugl M Tod 1837.png
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