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4 1/2 Double plane, skewed
Weiss & Sohn, Fabrikzeichen
Weiss & Sohn, Fabrikszeichen

The double plane No. 4 1/2 with skewed iron was produced only over a relatively short period of time, namely between approx. 1890 and 1918. It was only offered with 2 different iron widths, 1897 with 45 and 54 mm, at the latest from 1909 with 48 and 54 mm. In 1924 it is also shown in the catalogue of S. Kauders (Czech Republic), but similar to the double plane No. 4 I assume that it was no longer produced at that time.

This model seems to have been sold quite well, because unlike No. 4, of which no surviving specimen is known, examples of this plane appear again and again on online sales portals. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to add any of these planes to my collection up to now.

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